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    The ever evolving portfolio is part of our unique approach in comparison to other stock pick
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    basis, while other services simply deliver a pick and never follow it up.

    Penny Stocks Weekly has remained completely independent and unbiased.

    We never have, and never will take a dime from the companies we write about, or from any third
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    We look for stocks that offer both VALUE and GROWTH:  We Never Compromise.

    Over the years, Penny Stocks Weekly has delivered superior recommendations on NASDAQ Small
    Cap, OTC BB and other stocks trading below five dollars, sometimes for as little as pennies per
    share.  Our picks are grounded in fundamentals, and our ongoing guidance includes tips on
    technical awareness, preservation of capital and risk/reward analysis.

    We are looking for investors that want to expose their portfolios to the tremendous growth
    opportunities available in lower priced stocks, while having a diversified, value oriented approach .
    You can use our portfolio as an example, or you can trade right along with us.  Every stock we add is
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    A Word About our Philosophy & Strategy
    Our strategy is unique but sound.  Flexibility,
    fundamentals, technical analysis, diversity, attention
    to detail and the willingness to stick with a plan are
    all steadfast cornerstones in the architecture of our
    success.  Wall Street can be a scary place for the
    individual investor.  Our goal is to help you trade with
    absolutely zero emotion.  Greed, fear or
    overconfidence should have no place on your trading
    desk.  Knowing the difference between reckless
    exponentially regimented buying and prudent value
    investing will lead to ones success in these
    explosive stocks.