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    Valuing Valuations     July 22, 2011  PSW

    There are only two types of valuations available for stocks.  One is an educated guess as to what the stock
    could, should or would be worth.  The other type is found by typing the stocks ticker symbol into a financial
    website.  Yes the second type is a lot simpler than the first, but do not get too excited just yet.  Neither type
    could exist without the other one, and unfortunately if you want to make any money buying and selling
    stocks, you will have to learn how to use both.

    The Bottom Line on Technical Analysis: Is the chart going up or down?     April 30,
    2011  PSW

    Technical analysis is important, but not for picking stocks.  Once we delve into the fundamentals and
    decide which stock or stocks we would like to get involved with, technical analysis should not be
    overlooked.  Looking at charts can be a good tool to decide when to enter a trade, what sort of profit target
    you should have.....

    Familiarize Yourself with Short Events to Gain a Better Long Perspective
    March 16, 2011  PSW

    Brokerage firms and other institutions like to keep a certain amount of inventory on hand. Although broad in
    scope, this inventory generally includes shares of a variety of blue-chip stocks...

    The Future of the OTC BB – What OTC BB?     February 28, 2011  PSW

    For many years now there have been two separate venues for over the counter unlisted securities to be
    quoted, the OTC BB and the Pink Sheets.  What has separated them in the past is the notion of better
    quality on the OTC BB due to to full SEC reporting requirements, and the wide spread availability of level
    two quotes leading to better transparency.  Today, however, things have changed dramatically.

    GAAP Versus Non-GAAP     February 14, 2011  PSW

    When looking at and comparing financial results, it is important to understand what kind of measures you
    are looking at, GAAP, non-GAAP or something else entirely.  We can also learn a lot about a company and
    the industry it is in by finding out what exactly is and isn't being stripped out.

    Reading Quarterly and Annual Reports (Part Three)     February 7, 2011  PSW

    In part three, we'll discuss why reading the risk disclosures in quarterly and annual reports is worth your
    time.  We'll also address what can and can't be assumed based on what time of the day, week or quarter
    these reports are filed.  Finally, we'll peek at the income statement, balance sheet and statements of cash
    flow to see what we can learn about the way they are stacked up against historical results.  Our intention in
    this series is not to get into the numbers, but rather, address ways to save yourself valuable time, and
    build a general research philosophy.

    Reading Quarterly and Annual Reports (Part Two)     January 31, 2011  PSW
    After a very substantive introduction, the quarterly or annual report continues with so much information, it
    can be more than overwhelming.  In fact, it's designed to be indecipherable by the average human for a
    specific reason, Wall Street wants more of your money.
    In part two, we'll jump ahead a little bit and discuss perhaps the most interesting (if there is one) part of the
    quarterly or annual report, "Management's Discussion and Analysis of Financial Condition and Results of

    Reading Quarterly and Annual Reports (Part One)     January 20, 2011  PSW

    In the first of a three part series, we examine quarterly and annual reports as a whole, how they are
    structured, and where to quickly find pertinent information.

    What it Means to be Unbiased     January 6, 2011   PSW Staff

    We would like to take a moment today to address the recent increase in the amount of biased promotional
    "reports" hitting the wires and the in-boxes of unsuspecting folks all over the world.  Serious Penny Stock
    traders can tell the difference between Biased, and Unbiased reports almost immediately, and we would
    like to make sure that you are aware of some of the tricks of the trade.
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