Gaining exposure to the emerging growth in China and India may be easier than you think.  You may
    have heard about the many emerging growth opportunities in China and India, and wondered how you can
    take advantage of them.  Many foreign companies have securities that trade on the over the counter and
    pink sheets markets, even some big names you may have heard of, including Sharp, Mitsubishi,
    Volkswagen, Nintendo and many others.  For most Chinese and Indian companies, however, you may
    have to look for a back door, just as you would with blue chip stocks or foreign mutual funds.  This includes
    looking for companies that do business in China, or sell a material that they are using to sustain their
    dramatic growth.  Population growth is much more predictable than economic growth, but they do go hand
    in hand.  With over a billion people in each China and India, these folks are going to continue needing
    goods and services, products and technologies that are being pioneered by tons of Micro Cap companies.

Using Penny Stocks to get the most out of the growth in Asia is not just like using undiscovered Gem, what
better place to look than through thousands of undiscovered companies?  Keeping in mind growth rates in
China for specific industries, we can possibly exploit the possibility of a dramatic upside earnings report
from one of these tiny companies than we can from a Blue Chip stock.  In fact, the typical large cap stock
that is positioned in China or India earns only a tiny percentage of their profits from this region.  There are
tons of Small and Micro Cap companies that offer the same type of exposure, and many obtain a large
portion of their livelihood directly from these countries, including revenues and investment.

           Right now, the growth in Asia is centered in Japan, Singapore, Hong Kong, the Republic of Korea,
    Taiwan/China, Malaysia, Thailand, India and Indonesia.  Although most of these regions run a deficit with
    respect to the amount of Oil they use versus how much they produce, they are far ahead of the rest of the
    world in exporting other goods and services.  This immense surplus is largely in the consumer goods and
    manufacturing sectors.  Asian stock markets have been outperforming the rest of the world, including the  
    U.S., in 2004 and 2005 by a remarkable amount.  In fact, several Asian Indices are up by 30% or more in
    2005, while the Dow Jones and others are up less than 5%.  Asian stock charts look similar to charts seen
    in the U.S. during the late nineties, the difference, however, is that earnings are there to support the
    appreciation, and valuations have barely budged.  China is the worlds leading country with respect to
    economic growth, and India is quickly becoming a close second with year over year production increases
    in the double digits.  Most economists and forecasters believe this growth will continue well into the next
    decade, partly because much of the current prosperity is focused only in the populous coastal regions. This
    still only makes up a minority of the entire population including inland areas.  Some factors that could derail
    this growth, or at least put a damper on the progress include rising Oil prices and other commodities that
    are vital to their sustained growth.  Also, recent out breaks of disease including the Bird Flu should not be
    overlooked.  Japan has recently released their ban on U.S. Beef, which could also potentially be a profit
    making opportunity.  Overall, every aspect of Asia's growth can be exploited by finding just the right Penny
    Stock at just the right time.  You may have never thought about using Penny Stocks to buy into China and
    India, but whenever the bear is out in traditional markets, the bull can always be found in untraditional ones.
    Small Caps:  China, India & Elsewhere
    PSW Staff
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