We would like to take a moment today to address the recent increase in the amount of
    biased promotional "reports" hitting the wires and the in-boxes of unsuspecting folks all over
    the world.  Serious Penny Stock traders can tell the difference between Biased, and
    Unbiased reports almost immediately, and we would like to make sure that you are aware of
    some of the tricks of the trade.

First of all, there are two types of biased dissemination's, those that are legal, and those that
are illegal.  Legal promotion is initiated by a third party hired by the company for investor

    relations.  The report will clearly
    state how much this third party was
    compensated for the coverage
    whether by cash or shares of the
    company.  Keep in mind that the
    third party may sell these shares at
    any time, and just as any good
    trader would do, they tend to sell at
    the top, often leaving inexperienced
    traders with tremendous losses.

    Illegal promotion is occasionally
    initiated by the company, but more
    often by rouge spammers who
    disguise their I.P. addresses
    making them very difficult to track
    down.  These

are the Junk you see that has no disclosure of the writers position in the stock or their
motives.  Although in rare instances, knowing how much hype may be out there on a stock
can help in trading it, we recommend steering clear and ignoring as much of this nonsense
as humanly possible.

We fall into the category of unbiased financial services, which is much more useful.  What
separates us from the rest is that we have a completely objective eye.  We give you all of the
facts, make suggestions and provide the research to back it up.  Sure, there are a lot less of
our types of services around out there, especially in the world of Penny Stocks.  This may be
partly due to the fact that unbiased research can be a far less lucrative business.  We would
much rather be able to sleep at night than line our pockets.  Our revenue is derived primarily
from our subscribers.  The better we perform, the more subscribers we retain, that's it.

By signing up to our email list, you have taken the first step to discovering what a difference
an unbiased service can make, and how important it is to know the difference.  We
encourage you to give our independent on-line newsletter a try and see how much of a boost
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    What it Means to be Unbiased
    January 4, 2011  PSW Staff
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