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    Choosing a Broker

       What you need to do for Penny Stocks is find a broker with an advanced trading platform, no share limitations, no extra fees for stocks under one or five dollars, a
    reasonable trade minimum per month, all around ten dollars a trade with free limit orders and a minimum account balance that fits your style.  There are tons of them out
    there, just be sure to read the fine print.  Don't forget about extra cost's involved with trading such as the extra phone line or Broadband connection.  We recommend
    Broadband since it's now cheaper than an extra phone line and your ISP bill's combined.  If you can't get Broadband, don't worry, it's not that big of a deal.  You can still get
    real time streaming data, broadband is just a lot nicer.  Spending high bucks for satellite or a T-1 connection is simply not worth it for the average trader.

    Real Time Information

       Having real time information and Level II quotes is essential in the fast moving world of Penny Stocks.  Even if you feel your longer time horizons make getting quick
    executions where you want them not essential, getting in and out at the exact right time will help you realize those paper profits.  Be sure to check with the broker you plan
    to use to see what is required to access their most advanced trading platform.  Doing whatever it takes to get this kind of platform for free will save you tons of money as
    compared to buying expensive software, and paying hefty monthly fees for each and every feature.  The only thing you may want to pay for is screening functionality.  There
    is simply no free service that can screen for the real liquidity you are looking for in Penny Stocks.  Some services allow you to screen and sort stocks by price, Trades Per
    Day and Dollar Volume, and these are the types of features you want to look for.  Currently, we believe the best screening service for Penny Stocks is from EquityFeed.

    Our Role

       We here at Penny Stocks Weekly are not registered Broker/Dealers.  We cannot buy or sell stocks for you, nor do we receive compensation from any of the company's
    that we mention buying stock in.  We are not financial advisors, and you are completely responsible for your own investment decisions.  We recommend using our service
    as a starting point for your decision making process, and we want you to realize that we are only picking stocks for a specific portion of ones overall investment portfolio,
    and that specific portion should be considered the highest risk, and most lightly weighted in terms of overall value in your entire investment and retirement portfolio.  In
    other words use your head, and do not bet the farm on any one stock pick, no matter what our past performance may be.  You should seriously consider seeking the
    advice of a qualified financial advisor to determine if Penny Stock trading is even appropriate for you, and if it is, what percentage of your overall retirement, and/or
    investment accounts may be allocated for high risk investments.  For some, 20% may be acceptable, while 0-1% may be wise for others.  The best method of gaining
    experience with the least amount of risk is by practicing what is known as paper trading, although wisdom can only come from using real money.  Keep it light and
    remember to diversify, know your limits and be realistic. As far as generating current income from Day Trading, Penny Stocks are certainly a viable option, especially for
    those that do not want to risk more than their available capital by trading on margin, or shorting stocks, while still allowing for consistently substantial daily percentage
    gains.  Another thing that we want you to realize is that you absolutely must be heavily capitalized with money you do not care to lose, and gain a tremendous amount of
    experience before you can even think about quitting your day job.  We recommend that lightly capitalized traders practice our style of diversification which will allow you to
    stick around much longer with the funds you have and become much more knowledgeable and wise, while building your nest egg.  This will help prevent you from losing
    all of your capital in one trade, and then not following the stock market for a while because you have no interest.  Think of our Newsletter as a crash course in Micro Cap
    Stock Trading that can bring you up to speed regardless of how long you have been investing.  Follow along, and you will certainly gain the experience of a wise value
    investor in only a few short years.
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