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    We found a rare value play that is actually growing revenues, improving margins, and seeing quarterly earnings growth. The stock is trading for less than $2.50, but with
    sales in the $6.00 per share range and growing, that price may soon be gone. Did we mention the company has no debt, a ton of cash on the books and insiders have
    been on a buying frenzy. Find out why this stock is so undervalued and could easily triple.

    It's All About Jobs

    This tiny firm's stock has an even tinier float, and sees 200-300% swings anytime the unemployment picture changes.  There are plenty of ways to play the jobs market
    including using leverage and complicated options strategies but for the average investor, though, these methods usually do not result in a quick buck.  This $0.50 stock
    may offer those looking to invest in the jobs market a great opportunity to double or triple their money in a short period of time, with a stable, profitable business behind it
    cutting the risk.  Find out this company's name, why it is so closely tied to the jobs market and get our full trading strategy.

    Poised for Success

    This stock, trading just above a dollar, has been on the climb, and has not threatened to go back below a buck so far this year.  In fact, it appears to be consolidating for
    another huge run up, and the fundamentals agree.  The company has experienced a solid year of revenue and earnings growth after implementing a brilliant new strategy
    that is already paying off big time.  10 cents per share of earnings last year is almost unheard of for a stock this low, and with things looking even better this year, a single
    digit forward P/E may signal the perfect buy point.  Find out the stocks name and why we think it is going to $3.00.

    A Real Sleeper

    Legal problems and poor performance have left this stock with some ridiculously low valuations.  Delving into these concerns, however, we have discovered why this
    dramatic sell off may have been overplayed, and why the stock could double quickly, and still be below book value.

    A Crushing Expansion

    This company is tackling some recent margin difficulties head on, and looks to continue with some dramatic earnings growth.  Find out why this stock, priced at the lower
    end of a five year P/E range, could double in a matter of weeks.

    The Old College Try

    This sub $5 stock has been outperforming its peers in an industry facing economic and regulatory headwinds.  This particular company has been the first to score high
    marks for revenue and profit gains of late thanks to a unique strategy that investors seem to love.  Solid evidence that a short squeeze is in the making could quickly send
    this stock to the head of the class.

    Revving Up Revenues

    Strength in the U.S. auto market has allowed Ford (F) and other manufacturers to once again see some enormous profits.  Sales are expected to be even higher next year,
    but is it already too late to call shotgun?  As these car makers struggle to keep up with demand, profits in the near future may be a bit bumpy.  We found a small company
    that relies completely on auto sales to make money, but does not have the same kind of potholes in its future.  This company has been growing revenues and profits right
    along with the car industry, and did we mention its currently trading for less than a dollar per share?

    A Turnaround in the Making

    An evolving industry may be in the midst of a dramatic turnaround that is only starting to become apparent on paper.  A preponderance of favorable catalysts for this
    particular home town stock that have not yet been officially digested may send it exponentially higher.  Get its ticker and full report now!

    Small Company, Big Profits

    In the fast-moving world of technology, semiconductor manufacturing, and more specifically, test equipment, is playing an increasingly dominant role, one that can
    determine in the blink of an eye a products disposition as a trend setter or follower.  This tiny company is a big player with a large market share in equipment that
    companies like Analog Devices (ADI) and Texas Instruments (TX) are clambering to get their hands on.  The company has seen dramatic earnings growth over the past
    two years, but Wall Street has failed to notice.  Find out why this $3.00 stock could double, and still be grossly undervalued.

    The Right Place at the Right Time

    This sub $5 stock could easily double or triple in 2012 thanks to surging demand for the company's products and services and its perfect position to take full advantage of
    a rapidly evolving motion picture industry.  The company's revenues have already tripled over the past three years to $150  million with earnings at an all time high.  Billions
    of dollars are to be spent on this exciting technology in the coming months and years, and this small cap company may be in just the right spot with limited competition.

    30 Undervalued Stocks Under $10

    With the markets where they are, we thought it would be a good time to do some old fashioned screening.  We took into account a variety of different valuation measures to
    create a robust list of undervalued stocks that are currently trading below 10 dollars per share.

    5 Solid Stocks with Irrational 'Fear' Discounts

    Whenever panic takes over on Wall Street and stocks are beat up and then pushed down even further by computer programs, it's a great time to look at fundamentally
    sound issues that have taken a significant haircut.  These are stocks that have been on the right track, and in some cases, may have previously been a little expensive.

    Is Agfeed Industries Underfed?

    Heavily Shorted Stocks that Could Squeeze Hard if the Market Turns Around

    As s lackluster debt deal and subsequent S&P downgrade have sent stocks on a roller coater ride, many traders are making bigger and bigger short bets.  These issues
    could see a major short squeeze if and when the markets return to the slow and steady growth we saw before this circus began.

    5 Rock Bottom Stocks Trading Below Book, Sales and Growth

    We were surprised to find so many stocks still trading at rock bottom valuation levels with the DOW up 10% year to date and almost 100% since March of 2009.  With such
    a large list to work with, we were able to zero in on five that may very well be grossly undervalued.

    NASDAQ Stocks Under $10 Ready to Break Out

    With tech trying to make a slow comeback that has been in the making for close to a decade now, a slew of NASDAQ stocks priced below ten dollars are finding new 52
    week highs.  Below, we zero in on five poised to see further gains in the months to come, especially if this comeback comes to fruition.

    Charming Shoppes' Loss Widens, Shutters 240 Stores, Stock Soars?

    The parent company of Lane Bryant, Fashion Bug and Catherine’s saw its stock close near a 52 week low recently on March 23 at $2.97.  The following morning,
    Charming Shoppes released its fourth quarter results that included a pretty substantial loss, but also included more revenue than most had expected.  The stock
    immediately popped, and has climbed ever since, getting as high as $4.92 on April 20, a more than 65% premium to the March 23 close.....

    Extreme Networks:  Finding Treasure in Others' Trash

    5 Stocks that could Double Quickly

    This week we present five stocks under five bucks from a diverse group of industries for further research.  These stocks are undervalued relative to their peers and are
    exhibiting tremendous growth potential.  These micro, small and mid cap stocks could easily double over the next three to six months given a continuation of favorable
    conditions.  These are not the cheapest stocks on the block, but recent growth in results, stock price and projections could continue to bring volatility and upward
    momentum to these issues that are all still below $5.

    Can Quantum Corp. Leap Over a Lower Bar?

    Quantum Corp. disappointed analysts late last month on lower revenues and weaker earnings than expected.  Sequential growth along with increased branded sales and
    an improved financial condition may not be regarded with enough vigor in future estimates.

    Tellabs Wrung Dry:  Is it Time to Buy?

    Opportunities Abound in Healthcare Information Technology

    5 Small Caps that may Outperform in 2011
    Get the year started off with a small but diversified group of micro to small cap stocks for further research.  These potential growth stocks stand to outperform even their
    small cap peers this year.

    8x8 Finds a Path to Profitability in VOIP Land

        Although not yet a direct threat to rivals Vonage (VG) and Skype, 8x8 (EGHT) has discovered the formula for profits first by offering a suite of business VOIP products and
    services.  EGHT is seeing subscriber growth, earnings growth and improving margins.

    Filtering for Value and Growth:  Entegris

        Entegris (ENTG) has been growing revenues and earnings faster than it's stock price, and it now looks undervalued.  A lack of coverage and understanding for their
    results and position as well as other superficial factors may be contributing to the low price, but will substance win in the end?

    DryShips:  Come Aboard, Just Make Sure You Have Your Sea Legs

        DryShips has seen revenue and EBITDA growth lately while shrinking expenses, but their balance sheet has caused some to speculate on a take-over.  We examine
    the long term prospects of the company as well as the likelihood and outcome of any acquisitions in the industry.  We assert that DryShips could be a great value play
    independent of any buy-outs.

    Brocade's Quarterly Results: How Bad Were They?

        Brocade's revenue growth has been sub-par, but a closer look reveals some positive signs.  Could BRCD be the next take over target in the data storage arena, or will
    their diversification strategy give them legs of their own to stand on.

    Somaxon Pharmaceuticals in Bed with Proctor & Gamble

        We take a look at the Somaxon (SOMX)/ Proctor & Gamble (PG) co-marketing agreement for Somaxon's insomnia drug Silenor, and peer under the covers.

    RF Micro Devices: Low Valuations, High Expectations

         We look at the recent buzz surrounding RF Micro Devices, and delve into the numbers.  We also explore the SmartPhone market.

    Will Unbreakable IPhone Help Terminate Competition?

       In an 8-K filed on August 9, 2010, it was disclosed that Apple (AAPL) secured specific intellectual property rights from Liquidmetal Technologies (LQMT.PK) in exchange
    for a licence fee.  This gives Apple exclusive rights to commercialize the product in the field of consumer electronics, while Liquidmetal will retain the right to market it in all
    other fields.  The product is Liquidmetal, and it could help make an extremely sleek and aesthetically pleasing IPhone that is virtually indestructible...

    What's Next for Jackson Hewitt?

        Despite being the second largest tax preparation company in America, Jackson Hewitt Tax Services (JTX) has recently been reduced to an almost anemic state, and
    complete control of the company could be bought for a mere 15 million dollars.  This decline in value is for good reason, however, as a nightmare scenario of erosion has
    developed over the past year.

    Avoid Paying the 'Hype Premium'  For Gold, Buy Gold Mining Stocks

        It has become easier than ever to own gold these days and with the poor performance of stocks and the economy in turmoil, it has become almost fashionable to admit
    that you are parking your cash in Gold.

    Semiconductors turn Profitable, Stocks get Cheaper

        The last year has been a roller coaster ride for stocks in general, but scarcely has it been more dramatic than in the semiconductor space.  Over the past three months,
    one group of small integrated circuit, broad line and specialized semiconductor stocks has had an especially harrowing ride, losing half of their value after doubling during
    the trailing twelve months.

    Solar Vs. Wind:  A Surprising Winner

        As Solar and Wind continue to fight for the best viability in sustainable energy, it may be unclear where investment dollars need to be put.  Rather than guessing which
    one will see the most growth in the coming years, let's look at a couple of stocks that stand to win as long as the battle remains heated.

    JA Solar Holdings:  Time to Buy Solar Again?

         Back in 2007, solar stocks saw exponential gains as the price of Oil and other fossil fuels soared.  Over the next couple of years, things were not quite as rosy.

    Despite Insecurities, Banco Popular, Inc. Back With In Crowd

       Like most smaller bank stocks, BPOP peaked back in 2005, and then proceeded to lose 95% of it's value over the next five years.  The decline turned sharply...

    Sonus Networks: Positioned to Capitalize on a Changing Market

      As phone companies continue to lose customers to internet service providers and struggle to develop their own VOIP and internet solutions, one company may stand to
    benefit no matter who wins.

    A Potent Niche

    Think all stocks with real earnings are listed and above five dollars, think again.  This company has been growing profits for over a year now, has no debt and has earned
    more than 30 cents per fully diluted share over the past year.  Did we mention that the stock is trading below $1.00, and oh yea, earnings may be quite a bit higher this
    year.  Find out why this stock is so undervalued and could easily triple.

    Flying Low

    Find out why this little known airline stock is about to outperform its high-flying competition.  It is extremely rare to find an OTC BB stock trading at $0.75 with a ten-year
    history of accelerating revenue growth coupled with a solid history of earnings.  Considering some recent developments, things are about to get a lot more interesting!

    Using Volatility to Screen for Quality on the OTC BB and Pink Sheets

    When searching through the never ending pile of unlisted stocks, many traders focus only one those issues trading under a dollar, or even under a quarter or less.  
    Nevertheless, there are plenty of OTCBB and Pink Sheet stocks trading above a dollar that are worth a look, especially when we consider the increase in quality in relation
    to the still high volatility and exponential percentage opportunities.

    5 OTCBB Issues Above $1 Worth a Look

    When searching through the never ending pile of unlisted stocks, many traders focus only one those issues trading under a dollar, or even under a quarter or less.  
    Nevertheless, there are plenty of OTCBB and Pink Sheet stocks trading above a dollar that are worth a look, especially when we consider the increase in quality in relation
    to the still high volatility and exponential percentage opportunities.

    5 Unlisted Stocks with Reasonable Share Counts and Positive Momentum

    The OTC BB and Pink Sheet markets are absolutely flooded with companies generating zero revenues, but selling hundreds of millions upon billions of shares.   When
    these types of issues experience positive momentum, there is no end game for investors who end up holding tons of worthless shares.  Not every unlisted stock is
    worthless, however, some are doing the right thing and using the venue as it was meant to be used.  We found five that exhibit reasonable liquidity, actually have revenues,
    are not diluted and are seeing some positive action.

    Three Penny Stocks you Should Avoid

    Bankruptcy is without a doubt the most disturbing word in the language of investing, and for proper reason. Equity investors know, or soon will, that an investment in a
    company that goes bankrupt means you lose all of your money.  Do not think it is a quick death either, in fact, it is quite the contrary.

    Is IceWeb Starting to Thaw?

    IceWeb is yet to be a big player in the fast growing cloud computing space, however, it may be holding some key technology that could change this.  IceWeb also has
    several things going for it that most unlisted companies do not.

    A Look through New Energy's SolarWindow Coating

    New Energy has made a lot of progress with their spray on solar coating, and the technology now holds a lot of promise. How long could it take to get to market, and how
    much will New Energy benefit?

    Kraig Biocraft Creates Mutant Spider Moths: Great Story, Lousy Investment

        Kraig Biocraft Laboratories, Inc. achieves a milestone by creating mutant spider-moths.  How significant is this achievement and does it warrant a quadrupling of value
    in this highly diluted company.  With the recent spike in share price, the company has likely raised some cash to continue their research, at least for now.  What are the next
    achievements that will be needed to bring any value to shareholders?

    Titan Energy's Revenues Jump Started by Solar Installations

        Titan Energy Worldwide has seen substantial revenue growth lately, but has failed to turn a profit.  One of their new acquisitions, however, may be providing organic
    growth with some Northeast Solar installations.  We take a look at what is driving their success and if it is likely to continue.

    GetFugu Not Out of the Woods Yet

        Article discussing the recent activity in GetFugu, GFGU, as well as the company's recent legal troubles.

    Fallen Giants WAMUQ, MTLQQ and FNMA Dominate Action

        So far today, the top three most heavily traded stocks in the unlisted world are bankruptcy or recent bankruptcy issues.  The stocks are Pink sheets Washington Mutual
    and Motors Liquidation Company, as well as OTC BB issue Fannie Mae.  Although normally we are not very interested in these types of stocks, we thought we would use
    the opportunity to take a quick look at the three fallen giants, and see what, if any value exists in all of the paper thats been floating around.

    Heli Electronics Takes Flight

         We look at the recent buzz surrounding RF Micro Devices, and delve into the numbers.  We also explore the SmartPhone market.

    Liquid Metal Technologies Settles Down after Apple Excitement

       Liquid Metal Technologies, (LQMT), last weeks high flier on news of a deal with Apple, is again one of the most heavily traded over the counter stocks early today.  LQMT
    is a Pink Sheet, and has not filed quarterly financial reports with the SEC since November of 2009, however they have continued to file 8-K's.
    Finding the Next WhatsApp

    Get in on this Hot Social Networking Stock Before it's Acquired! This weeks members exclusive focuses on a small social networking company worth less than $2 million
    with a user base that is beginning to see some big organic growth. The stock may be undervalued in the ten-fold range as investors are currently paying less than 10% per
    user as compared to a Facebook user. Not only is the user base growing exponentially, but the platforms unique position in the space may eventually prove that a user is
    worth more than your average online social butterfly.
    This Stock could Quickly Quadruple

    This weeks members exclusive focuses on a  growing company in a unique space with a stock that is trading just over a buck per share.  This 100 million dollar company
    has been growing revenues and earnings consistently quarter after quarter and year after year. We believe this stock is significantly undervalued with a forward PE in the
    mid single digits. Find out why we think this stock could triple or quadruple in a short period of time.

    This tiny company is leading the way in a fast growing industry niche. A huge revenue increase may be right around the corner as the company is adding almost 100 new
    innovative profit generating locations a month. Find out more about this $1.00 stock thats being snatched up by insiders.
    Small, Solid, Undervalued Company Starting to be Heard on Wall Street

    This company is in a great position with plenty of cash on the books, and has created its own multi-national market for its innovative products over the past two decades.
    Recently, military and government agencies all over the world are clamoring to get their hands on this peaceful technology, and are paying millions to get it.
    Be Ready and Profit from a Major Short Squeeze on the Way

    We found a very stable company that is currently trading for less than half of book value. We believe the stock has been unfairly cut down right along with the price of oil.
    The stock price now sits below a dollar at what looks like an extremely solid bottom thanks to some massive debt reduction and anti-dilution measures. Short selling has
    played a major role in the stocks ridiculously low valuation.

    Chances are you've heard of this company, but didn't realize its shares have been in penny stock land for some time now. The company has seen
    fundamentally sound growth lately and is winning over customers in a very competitive environment. This stock is only now starting what we believe
    will be a very sharp climb.